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Kozjak is a mountain located above Kaštela bay near town of Split. It stretches 16 kilometers in length from Klis on the east to the Malačka saddle to the west.

On the southern slopes which are very steep, you can find plants typical for mediterranean area such as myrtle, spanish broom, strawberry tree etc. Along the north side of Kozjak you can find: hornbeam, oak  and other plants typicyl for submediterranean area.

The view from the southern slopes of Kozjak is incredible: you can see Split, Trogir, Kastela bay  and most of central Dalmatian islands.

The highest peak is Veli vrj (799m) above Kaštel Gomilica.

Across Kozjak there are many marked mountaineering paths suitable for recreational mountaineering.


•    Veli vrj, 779 m
•    St. Jure, 676 m
•    Biranj, 631 m


KozjakKozjakKozjakKozjakKozjakMountain refuge  Eagle’s nest (Orlovo gnijezdo)Mountain refuge  Eagle’s nest (Orlovo gnijezdo) View towards mountain refuge  Eagle’s nest (Orlovo gnijezdo) Mountain house Pod KoludromView from mountain house Pod KoludromMountain house PutaljView from KozjakView from KozjakView from KozjakView from Kozjak

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